How to give report as a new nurse

Giving and receiving report is one of the most nerve-wracking parts of starting out as a new nurse. Report is how you start and end your day, so use the tips below to end your day on a good note and set your oncoming nurse up for success:

During your shift:

  1. Prep your nursing "brain" (click here for sample)

  2. Throughout the day, make notes or changes on your brain sheet in a different color ink. For example, if you adjusted ventilator settings and increased from 40% to 60% FiO2, write your new settings in a different color on your brain. This is HUGE and especially helpful for you night shift nurses who are just trying to survive during morning report!

During report:

  1. Give your oncoming nurse a few minutes to get settled

  2. If the patient is new to the nurse, start with the important background information (all on the top of your brain)

  3. If the nurse has had the patient before, ask if you can give an "update," starting with the events that have happened since the nurse last took care of this patient

  4. Continue down the page using your brain to guide your report. It's just like reading a book!

  5. If your hospital does bedside report, or if you work in the ICU, this is the time to step into the patient's room and review vasoactive drips, devices, and patient condition (i.e. surgical sites, hematomas, active bleeding, skin concerns, etc)

  6. Give the oncoming nurse time to ask any questions before moving on to your next patient if you have more than one patient

Time to clock-out and do it all over again! Stay tuned for Part 2: Nursing Brain

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